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Tagoo, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece
Tel. +30 22890 23081, Fax. +30 22890 25621
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Are you interested in learning more about the Spanelis budget hotel in Mykonos Town or have a particular query about our Mykonos accommodation, facilities or services? If so, contact us by phone at +30 22890 23081 or +30 22890 22447, or fax at +30 22890 25621.

If you want further information or have a query about Spanelis budget hotel facilities or services fill in the contact form and insert your questions in the additional comments field. We will send you a reply as soon as possible.

Spanelis Hotel Bank Details

Mykonos Branch
IBAN: GR0402600920000110200627405
Swift Code: EFGBGRAA
Beneficiary: Eleni Spanelis

Alpha Bank
Mykonos Branch
Account number: 621-002101-002359
IBAN: GR 74 0140 6210 6210 0210 1002 359
Beneficiary: Eleni & Theodoros Spanelis

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