Health Measures

Business - Health Policy & Measures


SPANELIS HOTEL MYKONOS informs the public and all interested parties about the main measures taken in time against the health crisis due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Adhering faithfully to the instructions defined by EODY and the WHO. and at the same time guided by our core value which is always the highest care and safety of our guests, staff and associates, we have formed a new operating framework based on the new health protocols.

Social distancing measures:

Review of the arrival - departure process with the aim of minimizing customer contact with reception staff.

Rearrangement of equipment and change of functionality of common areas according to the new spatial planning restrictions. Specifically, control by thermometry on arrival, informing visitors with special signs and instructions for use of premises, diluting tables and seats where possible, use of protective equipment, removal of publications (magazines, newspapers) from all public areas and creation of places where visitors will have access to disinfectants.

Change of arrival / departure time and allocation of rooms in order not to overcrowd guests.
Use a mask, protective gloves and keep as much distance as possible during the service.

Facilities & Infrastructure

The following have taken place:

  • General - preventive disinfection in all areas inside & outside the hotel against it (COVID-19).
  • Sanitary network interventions (chlorination of water network).
  • General - regular disinfection - disinfestation in accordance with current regulations.


  • Additional disinfection procedures in the rooms and in all areas of the hotel with the use of steam cleaning & special disinfectants certified against it (COVID-19).
  • Daily cleaning of the room will be the customer's choice.
  • The cafe bar and outdoor furniture are constantly cleaned with special antiseptic cleaning materials
  • All individual items are disposable


  • Informing the staff about the new cleaning and safe operation protocols.
  • Implementation of strict personal hygiene measures and the necessary use of protective masks and gloves and keeping a distance (as far as possible) when providing service.

The implementation and effectiveness of this framework of official and hotel measures will be monitored daily and supplemented where necessary based on revised standards & recommendations from government agencies.